Add content

Let's turn up the heat in here 🔥

Once you've completed setup, you can get started adding Markdown content by creating a content directory:

mkdir content

Then you can add a docs folder. You can name that folder anything you like, for example docs or documentation (or something in a different language!). For this guide, we'll call it docs:

mkdir content/docs

Landing page

Now, create a docs landing page at content/docs/ and give it this metadata at the top:

title: My docs
description: Everything you need to know about my project

TOML and JSON also supported

Don't like YAML? That's okay! Hugo also supports providing document metadata in JSON or TOML. Love that flexibility 💖

Now give it a little bit of content below the metadata:

Welcome to the docs page!

Now navigate to that page at http://localhost:1313/docs.

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