A Hugo theme for ambitious documentation projects


Tract is a theme for the amazing Hugo static site generator that's geared toward large-scale documentation projects. The theme is currently at version 0.1.0-alpha.


  • Search. Tract has built-in search powered by a statically generated JSON search index. You can see the current index here.

  • Internationalization support. Each translation of your docs is a self-contained universe with its own search index. Hover over ­čîÄ English in the navbar to see this in action.

  • Customization. Change the color scheme and font of your Tract project with just one line

Current limitations

Tract is only at version 0.1.0-alpha and thus in its very early stages. These early releases are intended largely to garner community input (issues and pull requests welcome!), so there are some known limitations that will be addressed in the future:

  • Not-so-great mobile support. Some things look good and work well on mobile, others don't. For now, you should consider Tract desktop only.

  • Limited taxonomy support. There is currently support for page tags, but it's limited.

  • Rough aesthetic. My goal is to make Tract docs arrestingly beautiful to look at. At the level of Stripe, Algolia, Zeit and others. It looks okay now but what you're seeing is not the finished aesthetic.

  • Limited feature set. Over time, I have a long list of features I'd like to add, such as copy/pastable code snippets, beautiful timelines and changelogs, auto-generated download pages, and much more. For now the theme is fairly minimal.

Feedback plz!

If you have feature requests, feel 100% free to let me know by filing an issue or tweeting at my Twitter handle @lucperkins.